We try UNDONE and you get to wear it! Give-Away

Although we usually cover high end watches we do appreciate affordable watches. And to be honest, with ever increasing prices it’s becoming harder to make a choice which watch should be the next to buy. So when a company like UNDONE approaches us for a review we get curious. After going through their website it becomes clear that the possibilities are really endless. We quickly decided to create 2 different watches from each line.

UNDONE Customizer

Divers! We love divers. So the UNDONE Aqua is the first model we have a go at. And with soo many options we work our way through the customizer. The level of customisation is impressive. Starting off at the case which comes in no less than 10 variations. From there you have to pick the bezel, dial, hands, strap and as a finishing touch you can choose to have a custom printed glass caseback or a solid version with personal message.

After playing around with the options we end up with a black DLC case with a bright yellow diver dial which features an inverted date. For the rotating bezel we picked a matching yellow K1 glass bezel which is reverse printed. And finish off the watch with a white rubber strap. Something totally different for a change and perfect for the summer.

We repeat the same process for the UNDONE Urban model which already has some pretty good looking pre-configured models. The entire proces is easy and gives you a good impression of what the watch will look like. At leas that’s what you hope when you order oen of their watches. So after finishing the design progress the wait begins. Surprisingly we already find a missed delivery note in our mailbox within 2 weeks. Shortly after we pick up a black UNDONE branded bag which holds both watches. 

First impressions count! 

Both watches are nicely packaged in brown card board boxes and come with the model name stamped on it. Each model has it’s own box which can be used a travel case. The UNDONE Aqua model comes in a black sliding case which holds one watch and an accessory. Same for the UNDONE Urban which is a bit smaller and has a retro touch. Where most watch boxes end up on a shelf collecting dust I could actually use these for travelling to hold an extra watch and one (or more) straps.

Taking into consideration that the UNDONE Urban comes at a price level which starts at just 265 USD for a pre-configured model, the build quality is really impressive. The case is nicely made and well finished with bushed and polished surafaces. Finished with a gold PVD coating and on top it has a domed crystal which gives it a great look. When trying the chronograph it functions well and responsively resets to zero again. Fitted with a perlon strap which fits perfectly as it has no holes. You just pick a spot where the strap suits you best. The strap is smooth and flexible and the buckle matches the DLC finish of the case. Quite the combo I must say.

Pretty much the same goes for the UNDONE Aqua although it comes at a slightly steeper price. Still great value starting at 475 USD depending on the configuration. Again the case is well constructed and the uni-directional bezel works smooth and is easy to operate. Although the case measures 45mm it doesn’t feel that big on the wrist which is probably because of the crown guards. Even the rubber strap is very well made and it’s nice to see a well designed custom pin buckle which again matches the case.

We try it, you get to wear it!

UNDONE sure has a lot to offer for a modest budget and the quality is on par. Especially the ability to configure your own watch with an endless amount of options makes it nearly impossible not to find something to which suits your taste. We enjoyed the process of creating something unique and the best thing it that you have the possibility to wear it.

UPDATE: Participating for the give-away has closed. The watches will find their new owner soon with compliments of UNDONE watches.


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