Avant première: Blancpain will launch this new corporate film at the end of the year. Why waiting, if you can see it already today?

Click on “read more” to see a 6:03 minutes journey into the past and the present, tracing nearly 280 years of history of Blancpain through key dates.

“A film inviting us to explore the world of the brand”, says Blancpain. I agree and I hope you also do.



Curious about Blancpain now? Please use the search function of my blog to find out more of Blancpain and its timepieces…









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  • WOW, that was really epic. I know I will put some fire in the purists hearts, but who needs some overpriced Pateks if you can afford this practically same Patek quality built in this usually underrated brand? Just my modest opinion. Don’t throw me in the fire 🙂

  • The video is not useful at all. No Information, letters hard to see and Reader. Emotional , not product Informationsgehalt. Disappointing.

  • Sorry, I meant first the “Share” icon, and in the pop-up then “See on site” on the left …

  • Very impressive!
    Tip: In the embedded video, you can select “See on site” in the lower left corner. On the Blancpain site, the video can be watched full screen …

  • I’ll just have to believe you for now. The six minute short took about one half hour to view. However what I was able to piece together I liked. When it makes it to YouTube let me know. Thank you.

    • You need a new PC or a better internet connection or both, then the film shows without stops on your screen.

      • Harald’s suggestion works well for me in full HD. Sometimes Sunday is maintenance day for networks and things get slow especially when everyone in the states is watching football.
        So, Alexander, can Blancpain go head to head with PP? A nice notion if nothing else… ask the grandson.

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